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Easy Mo Bee "EMB" is a Grammy award winning super producer for artists across many genres such as Alicia Keys, Miles Davis, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack and more. EMB created Time Machine Sessions, affectionately known as “TMS” by his House Music fans, in 2017 for While EMB continued his show on the internet music channel every second Friday of each month, he began going LIVE on Instagram in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. For twenty-eight straight days, around midnight eastern time, EMB started spinning records over four hours per session from his home.

Although he began to rest on Sundays, the legendary producer/DJ was on his turntables most nights, and some days, for almost six months. Over time, the pandemic sadly brought about widespread illness, loss of employment and many deaths which took a significant toll on everyone. The producer/DJ extraordinaire encouraged everyone to stay inside, practice social distancing and use masks for protection against the virus, especially as the COVID numbers in New York City were excessively morbid in 2020. Easy Mo Bee kept preaching: “Keep your soul together!”, which is one of many TMS mantras.

The TMS virtual party gets warmed up with the best of Disco, transitions into Rare Groove dopeness, then at 2 AM jumps full throttle into Deep House for the remainder of the night. The amazing thing is not simply that the legend plays House Music, much to the surprise of his hardcore Hip Hop fans, it is that he only spins vinyl records. Let me repeat that: for five to six hours per session this lifelong audiophile methodically retrieves vinyl records from his extensive collection one by one and mixes them on the fly! Mo Bee frequently reminds listeners, “It’s all vinyl in here”. There are no playlists and no planned sets, yet listeners experience the most flawless transitions between records on two turntables.


No two sets have ever been the same and Easy Mo Bee continues to come up with rarely heard jams. These musical gems have left other major DJs and producers in awe of the Time Machine Sessions almost two years later. When they join the chat, Mo Bee will spontaneously play a medley of their songs. Jellybean Benitez, Terry Hunter, Queen Latifah, DJ Spinderella, DNice (“Club Quarantine”), Snoop Dogg and many others have tuned in. It is always a treat when he plays songs from entertainment pioneers such as the incomparable Melba Moore, who shares stories and interacts with everyone in the chat. During those spontaneous moments, TMS turns into an impromptu history lesson of the music business.

While Easy Mo Bee was helping to protect his TMS Family by encouraging them to stay indoors, Instagram would continuously flag him for potential copyright violations. Even when he had personal rights to the music, live sessions repeatedly ended abruptly. Never deterred, regardless of how many times his live stream would terminate, EMB would say, “Just come on back (JCOB)...Do what? Reboot! Do what? Reboot!” After growing dissatisfied with the policies and instability of Instagram, EMB was ready for a change. The final straw may have been IG’s ban on the TMS long standing closing selection, “Twisted” by Ultra Nate´. Since moving to the Twitch platform, the quality and consistency has proven to be a better fit for the master producer who continues to spin on weekends from midnight Eastern until Sunrise- "RunUpTilDaSunUp".

If you are a true House Head, night owl or music lover of uptempo, upbeat songs mixed with righteous precision, tune in to listen and learn from Easy Mo Bee at:

In the immortal words of Easy Mo Bee, "Peace...Love...Out..."


Wahida Clark presents Innovative Publishing signed Easy Mo Bee to a book deal! Stay tuned for the epic story. 


Get more information regarding Wahida Clark, the undisputed Queen of Street Literature here:



Easy Mo Bee: Behind the Boards

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